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I co-founded the label with Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons) and producer Ian Grimble around 18 months ago with the simple aim of promoting music that we loved. Communion began as a club night in South-West London before evolving into the label.

Label Picks Ute

We just signed a amazing band called Treetop Flyers; their music is full of great songwriting, harmonies and unique voices. The band’s got a real classic way of looking at things, even down to the guitars they use; they definitely take a lot from 60s and 70s songwriters. We first came across them after booking them for one of our clubnights, which is how we find most of our bands. The relationship evolved from there and we soon made friends with the band, booked them for more shows and eventually decided to sign them. Treetop Flyers released their first single with Communion ‘Things Will Change’ on the 23rd May.

You can hear more of Treetop Flyers here

crumpled-paper copy Aloe_Blacc_3_resized

I’m really enjoying Aloe Black at the moment, it’s admittedly not very folky but I don’t think that matters too much. I really like the production on the record and the songwriting is great. The records got a great retro style to it that builds on a classic funk-soul feel that I really enjoy.

You can hear more of Aloe Blacc here