Two things immediately grabbed me about this track: the piano, a 100-year-old honky-tonk collector of dust and dreams; and layered vocals, as if a chorus of people were singing together (maybe they were). Both are textured with a coarse richness that is like eating your favourite kind of burger, flame-grilled and well-done.

And then there's the actual repeating hookish melody of the vocals, one I'll probably be whistling later on. There's also the breezy dew-dropped clarity of the drums, the satisfying distortion in the screeching guitar, the thundering bass, the more refined pop vocals in the verse sections… well, there's all that.

A refreshing track, a kind of contented rainy-day drear in its clouded feel-good sludge of sound. Oh and it's by COMPNY and it's called 'Something's Got To Give'. I also love their flag and its colour scheme. I also feel as if I should say that their fun and noisy song 'Begging Me To Come Back' was played by Zane Lowe on 18th August of this year.