Yesterday we gave you the first look at Brighton duo Grasscut's video for their song 'Radar', taken from their recently released Everyone Was A Bird LP.

Today, on remix duty is violist/composer/producer, John Metcalfe, which arrives a month after Grasscut remixed 'Parsal', from Metcalfe's June-released album, The Appearance of Colour.

"I was really happy to have a chance to re-work such a beautiful and intelligent track," Metcalfe tells us via email. "The song is so rich in ideas and layers I was a kid in a sweetshop really."

And it certainly sounds that way: pizzicato strings pop and bubble alongside theremin-style elongated bleeps, touches of piano glide with considered strains of violin, hand-shaken percussion subtly heightening a new sense of urgency and excitement. Vocal samples from the original make scattered appearances, beautifully vocodered above the organic stringwork.

"I'm a violist at heart so wanted to explore the string sounds in particular," says Metcalfe, "and as it turned out I knew the string players on the song which gave the work a particularly personal dimension."

And as such, you follow his love of string sounds to the very end of his reworking, as they cut across each other like cresting waves or the scurrying myriad thoughts of a mind in constant flux, yet it's refreshing and lively, and by no means an illustration of turmoil. Have a listen for yourself below.