Following on from the recent collaboration with Jarvis Cocker, 'Capitol', Daniel Knox has shared a new couplet of tracks taken from his upcoming album Chasescene, which is coming out on December 7th.

For most, releasing an album so close to the end of the year would seem like a foolish move, but for Daniel Knox's compositions the timing is perfect, as he captures a wintry and human pliancy in his songs, perfect for the holiday season. The pair of new tracks makes this abundantly clear in different ways. On 'Anna14' we have Knox singing alone, his rich baritone reflected back off the icy piano, with a solemn violin melody capturing the contemplative nature of short days and long evenings. For 'The Poisoner' he has enlisted the vocal duties of Nina Nastasia, who has not released an album for 8 years, but sounds perfectly pitched as ever here. With Nastasia handling the vocal duties, Knox is able to add multitudes of instrumentation, seemingly leaning hard into the festive spirit with drum rolls and an abundance of regal brass and choral backing.

Although the inspiration for 'The Poisoner' was Knox's harrowing experience of having his food poisoned by someone he lived with, the creation of 'The Poisoner' alongside Nina Nastasia seems to have been a special moment for Knox. He speaks of her work in worshipful terms:

"Nina Nastasia is probably my favourite living songwriter. The first time I heard Run To Ruin it felt like being truly seen by someone for the first time. After I saw her perform I thought, this is something to live up to. I just admire her in every way. Her songs are these sturdy monoliths you can depend on but there's always something new to discover in them. Her voice has this power behind it where it can carry any lyric somewhere very small and close to your ear or big enough for the whole world to hear."

Listen to both new songs below.

Daniel Knox's Chasescene comes out on December 7th through his own imprint H.P. Johnson Presents. He's also touring in January:

22 Jan - Brighton @ The Greys
24 Jan - London @ Slaughtered Lamb
25 Jan - Durham @ Launderette Sessions
26 Jan - Glasgow @ The Hug & Pint
27 Jan - Halifax @ The Greyston Unity
28 Jan - Ramsgate @ Ramsgate Music Hall
29 Jan - Bristol @ The Louisiana
30 Jan - Guildford @ The Keep