In the case of Belgian producer Compuphonic, aka Maxime Firket, the power is with the people. Despite very little online coverage or critical acclaim, his track 'Sunset' inspired a virtual snowball through underground music fans, eventually racking up over 2 million times on Youtube. Who needs music websites eh! The track itself is a hazy gem, mixing up the warmth of Compuphonic's Balearic house with the intimate vocal track of Marques Toliver. The single is now gearing up for a full re-release this February on Get Physical, along with a series of re-edits from some in-demand producers that refit the track for different hours of the night. Fellow Belgian Aeroplane ramps up the cheese with the groove of his disco edit, before things get a whole lot deeper with mixes from Paraguay's LPZ, and Get Physical's own David Keno and Fabio Gianelli.

We've got a premiere of the Waze and Odyssey remix to stream below. Rising to prominence with their mixes of Disclosure and T.E.E.D., up and coming producers W&O again work their magic with 'Sunset', inflecting it through their trademark house/garage filter, to push the track towards the floor.

The release is available from Beatport today, and on general release March 1st, before Compuphonic's shows in Europe and SXSW.