Few artists could dream of exuding the kind of charm that both Cody Crump and Computer Magic clearly possess in spades. These fabulous musicians have been making tons of great music over the years, a sentiment that seems more objective than subjective from where we stand. And so we can surely be forgiven for being beyond excited to be premiering Only The Hits, the debut EP from the group's collaborative project Cody & Danz.

Officially releasing on July 14 through Computer Magic's Danz Johnson's Channel 9 Records, Only The Hits is a blissful, fun-filled collection that sounds like it was made in a basement but designed for a drive down the coast.

'Make It In America' highlights the pair's effortless pop chops, complete with punchy drums, crunchy guitars and an upbeat vocal melody that is among the most addictive you'll hear about summer. Record closer 'Running Scared' is a similar brand of fast-paced fun that seems almost like the day signalling that the day of fun has come to a close. All the songs here are packed with top-notch production and quality arrangements, a product of having two talented musicians working in unison. Only The Hits was not hubris or even a joke (though I suspect it was intended as such), but was in fact an apt description for the run of fabulous songs Cody & Danz have offered here.

You can pre-order a limited edition cassette of Only The Hits from Channel 9 Records right here and you can stream the fantastic record below.