Artist: Computerclub Album: Before the Walls Came Down Release:03/11/2008 Label: Split Records Link: Bands with a sense of urgency to their vocals are my one weakness; my vice, if you will. Its what made me fall for Bloc Party those few years ago and now, with ‘Some Kind of Love’ rushing out of my speakers I’m being won over by computerclub too. Obvious comparisons could be made with this record to certain other Birmingham guitar bands with a taste for the more desolate pop sound, but I’m sure you don’t need me to point those out for you. As debut albums go ‘Before the Walls Came Down’ is one of the more successful in sounding like it was produced by an altogether more accomplished, experienced outfit. Its gentle confidence shimmers across all of its thirteen tracks, particularly stand out electro sweep ‘Fragile Minds’, with its pulsating drum machine offering a firmer backing to singer Paul Hampton’s soft, melancholy outpourings. Bonus track ‘Electrons and Particles’ is equally as wonderful with its questioning (and almost sarcastic) hook of “If you’re so sure that love is the cure” perfectly summarising the poignant urgency that makes computerclub so special.


Beautifully crafted and not a second too long, ‘Before the Walls Came Down’ is setting an example to all other epic indie pop bands the world over. This is how it should be done, no question.


Rhian Daly