Normandy band Concrete Knives made a big splash on the European alt-rock scene in 2012 with the release of their debut album and subsequent tour of practically all the festivals on the continent. Unsurprisingly, this led them to a quick burn out, which has seen them vanish for a little while. However, they re-emerged in recent months with some new singles that show that they're far from exhausted, and ready to have another crack at world domination.

Today we bring you 'Our Hearts', Concrete Knives' biggest and most unabashed pop song to date. It bounces atop choppy synthesizers and scything treated guitars, giving it a fidgeting buoyancy that immediately seeps into your muscles. As 'Our Hearts' progresses, Concrete Knives' gang vocals add to the gung-ho feeling of the song, and once the brilliantly creaky synthesized accordion starts cutting a path through the song there's absolutely no hope left for the listener: you're swept away in a torrent of kaleidoscopic melodies, tumbling rapidly onwards in a lumpen ball of utter auditory joy.

Concrete Knives have given us this characteristically quirky quote about the song: "Feeling alive after the outbreak, bend without breaking. The storm has passed, a new era is coming. Ask yourself, find a way, look forward, dance. Dance on the chaos of past emotions."

Make of that what you will while you listen to 'Our Hearts' below.

Concrete Knives' new album Our Hearts comes out through Vietnam/Because Music on April 13th. Follow them on Facebook.