Squirrel Flower is the moniker of Ella Williams - and it's a name that she actually made up when she wrote her first song as a child. Although, it would be unwise to think that the cute name and childish attitude she uses will translate to her music - in fact she is dead serious and committed in her writing and performing. Perhaps it's because she's been playing for so long that her debut single 'Conditions' hits with the weight of someone who has been crafting and building their technique for some time.

'Conditions' broods and then explodes in a manner that is reminiscent of Low, and Squirrel Flower's vocals and lyrics hold the same kind of heart-rending humanity and unexpected strength as Mimi Parker. The video features Parker in a school gym, which ties into the name of her EP Contact Sports, which she will be self releasing later this summer on July 20th. We'll keep you up to date on that EP as more news emerges, but for now check out 'Conditions' below.