Bristol born, London-based producer Conducta continues to deliver on his promise of providing a fresh approach to UK garage by putting his signature twist on Taya's latest single 'Sweet Waste of Time', originally produced by George Reid (aka one half of AlunaGeorge). Some of the original production is still in place, but Conducta adds more of a danceability element, with additional bass and those signature UKG drums.

"I really love what Conducta's done with the S'weet Waste of Time' remix, it's something completely different but still gets the emotion across from the original," explains Tayá in an email to The 405. "The garage sound is so authentic, can't stop listening to it...soon as I got sent a link to his music I was like "Yes...this is the guy!"

We also asked Tayá to talk us thorugh the original: "'Sweet Waste of Time' is about that someone you put your all into, and get nothing back. It's a message to girls who are in the same situation I was in - letting them know it's okay to give up on someone if by trying to fix them you’re losing part of yourself; no one is worth that!"

Listen to the remix below.