Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst have been talking. They've been talking about a record they made together back in 2003 called Blood on the 4-Tracks, a "weird record" that also involved Jimmy Tamborello (one half of The Postal Service, as part of which Lewis has performed live on background vocals and keyboards) and someone called "Nate" (most likely Nate Walcott, in Bright Eyes with Oberst).

The two friends talk about the record and where they recorded it, in 2003, in Lewis' "cute" but "run-down" apartment. When they speak about maybe releasing it in the future, the subject of edible records comes up. "I'd be into it as long as it's some kind of edible 7" or something," says Oberst, suggesting that Jack White would be able to do it for them. Lewis counters: "We want a Fruit Roll-Up 7" of Blood on the 4-Tracks."

You can watch the chat, done for Noisey, below.

More importantly, however, is the subject of edible records. I discovered that a German guy named Peter Lardong perfected the art of creating chocolate records, which can apparently be played up to 12 times before getting worn out. It doesn't even sound like chocolate. At which point you eat the record. Win win. Watch him below-below.