Just a few months ago Conor Oberst released Ruminations, a stripped-down, intimate album of tracks barely out of their demo form. Oberst didn't intend to release the songs in that state, but the reactions he was getting from people to whom he played them encouraged him to put them out. The response was widely very positive.

Nevertheless, Oberst still went ahead with his plans to record the songs in a full studio mode and with a full band, and the results of these new recordings is Salutations, which includes new versions of several of the tracks, along with a whole host of new ones. The companion album to Ruminations arrives on March 17th via Nonesuch. There are myriad guest contributors to the album, which include Jim James, Blake Mills, Maria Taylor, M Ward, Gillian Welch, Gus Seyffert, Pearl Charles, Nathaniel Walcott, and Jonathan Wilson.

Listen to the newly recorded version of Ruminations highlights 'A Little Uncanny' and 'Tachycardia', as well as an entirely new song 'Napalm', below. Salutations' 17-track running order is listed beneath.

  • 1 Too Late to Fixate
  • 2 Gossamer Thin
  • 3 Overdue
  • 4 Afterthought
  • 5 Next Of Kin
  • 6 Napalm
  • 7 Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
  • 8 Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
  • 9 Barbary Coast (Later)
  • 10 Tachycardia
  • 11 Empty Hotel by the Sea
  • 12 Anytime Soon
  • 13 Counting Sheep
  • 14 Rain Follows the Plow
  • 15 You All Loved Him Once
  • 16 A Little Uncanny
  • 17 Salutation