In some languages like Portuguese or Spanish, "desaparecidos" means "vanished". And that seems like a pretty appropriate name for Conor Oberst's Desaparecidos - a band that released the fantastic Read Music / Speak Spanish in 2002, and then not much since (apart from a few singles in 2010).

However, in classic Bank Holiday fashion, the band have announced they'll be putting out a new album this June called Payola, and have even released a new track, 'City on the Hill', which features Cursive's Tim Kasher.

Aside from Kasher, the album will also feature appearances from Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace and So So Glos, plus co-production by Mike Mogis.

Payola is out on June 23rd via Epitaph and is preceded by a series of North American shows.

Payola tracklisting:

  • 01. 'The Left Is Right'
  • 02. 'The Underground Man'
  • 03. 'City on the Hill' [ft. Tim Kasher]
  • 04. 'Golden Parachutes' [ft. Laura Jane Grace]
  • 05. 'Radicalized'
  • 06. 'MariKKKopa'
  • 07. 'Te Amo Camila Vallejo'
  • 08. 'Ralphy's Cut'
  • 09. 'Backsell'
  • 10. 'Slacktivist' [ft. So So Glos]
  • 11. 'Search the Searches'
  • 12. '10 Steps Behind'
  • 13. 'Von Maur Massacre'
  • 14. 'Anonymous'