Yesterday Lady Gaga released her latest single 'Do What U Want', a bouncy track featuring R-Kelly, but the collaboration has been slightly over-shadowed by the controversial single sleeve which features Gaga's butt in a floral thong while she slightly bends over.

Trashy or Tushie-tastic? I vote the latter.

Everybody loves a good butt and everybody loves a bit of feminism, so why shouldn't Lady Gaga publish her pert booty to the world?! Why should we sexualise something that, when it comes down it, is simply a piece of art? Okay, I appreciate I sound like a bit of a dick saying that Lady Gaga's ass is art, but I am sure that's all she sees it as: a piece of album art in which she embraces her femininity and sticks up a middle finger to society and medieval expectations that women should cover up, when men can happily strip off.

When we think about it, there have actually been quite a few album covers that has been, rather unreasonably, considered a bit too edgy or a bit too racy. The cover for Yeezy's 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was caught up in controversy and many stores rejected the album because the artwork was deemed too sexual and inappropriate to sit on shelves. The album cover was a small painting of an interracial couple having sex, it's not even an actual picture, it literally is just a piece of art. The controversial cover had to be replaced by an alternative cover which was a ballerina painted by the same artist, George Condo.

Personally, I just think that people are too keen to jump on and criticise things that are a slightly differing from societies expectations. We should be embracing things that are different and be appreciating the fact that artists are wiling to risk their credibility to offer us something different, something unique compared to every other artist in the business.

Normal is just fucking boring really, wouldn't you agree?

More recently and probably not at the best of times after her drug arrest ordeal, Sky Ferreira has been targeted by the album artwork police for her upcoming album 'Night Time, My Time'. The album image depicts a sullen looking Ferreira in the shower with her left nipple on display. She addressed the "issue" (it's not really an issue, we've all seen a nipple before) in a recent interview with Stereogum and hit the nail on the head when she said: "I don't really feel like my left nipple is all that important".

If it was a choice between Lady Gaga's butt or a picture of some typical artist with a horrendous name like 'Believe' or 'Inspiration' underneath, I would choose Gaga's butt any day. More artists, much like Ferreira, Azealia Banks (the 'ATM JAM' single sleeve features her bent over with half her butt out) and Bat For Lashes (the cover for her latest album The Haunted Man features a naked Natasha Khan holding a nude man - FUCK GENDER STEREOTYPES!) should be willing to sacrifice their integrity to create something new and aesthetically pleasing, something that breaks social barriers and demonstrates their artistic direction. It helps to illustrate that they're more than just a corporate spit-out. They have personality, creativity and unlike many artists we see, they aren't conforming to the same old bullshit expectations of society, of big record labels and of your little old lady of a Gran.

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