After the success of her debut album Playin' Me back in 2012, Hyperdub's Cooly G returns to the fold with the three-track EP entitled Hold Me.

Hyperdub may be the home of the dark and mysterious Burial and such like, but it's not all doom and gloom at the London record label, as the release of Jessy Lanza's sultry and soulful album Pull My Hair Back demonstrated in 2013. Instead of darkness, Cooly G's new one heads straight for the dancefloor.

First up on the EP is the slinky title track, 'Hold Me'. The opening cut features Cooly G singing those exact words in only the way she can so that the listener is invited into the music, and while this transpires a UK funky beat sets the rhythmic tone. As usual with Cooly, the sound selection is on point, as an 808 cowbell is included in the arrangement.

'Oi Dirty' is the second track on the release, and takes things up a notch. Focusing even more on the dancefloor than the track that went before, this production enlists the help of Hyperdub label mate Scratcha DVA (or just DVA, as he appears on the tracklist). Synthetic string textures litter the track, alluding to both Cooly and Scratcha's grime backgrounds, as the rest of the percussion pattern, including extensive use of detuned drums, shuffles and fidgets around.

The frenetic 'Molly' rounds out the release where detuned drums feature once more alongside a hypnotic sub-bass swell and an overall feel that leans more to techno than anything else.

A quick look at Cooly's social media networks suggest she's working on a new album and live show, and 'Hold Me' could be the perfect precursor to that.