Fresh from the success of their debut EP, Medication, and a subsequent flurry of live dates that included a headline slot at the prestigious by:Larm festival, Palace Winter have started ramping up towards the release of their first full-length record by dropping two teaser singles. First came lead track, 'Positron', a blistering, beat-tastic pulse-racer, and now, they're giving us, 'Soft Machine', a slow tempoed musical marriage of opposites.

This latest offering from the Copenhagen-based duo, is a tender, yet haunting piece of psych-pop. It opens with a warm, summery breeze as delightful as a gentle blue Sirocco playfully caressing an otherworldly sky. But therein lies the paradox, which in a sense is no surprise given the oxymoronic nature of the title - 'Soft Machine'.

The song is an intriguing melange of contrasting opposites. Delicately sincere, honey-dipped vocals are delivered through a cool, dreamy haze, while warm, golden melodies flow against a backwash of eerie, barely-there, electronic humming. The easy, chilled drumming and bubbling basslines of the laid-back rhythm section are pierced by icy, ghostly electronica, which in itself has become something of a PW trademark sound.

These sundry ingredients, skilfully brought together and cleverly arranged, create a delicious ballad in which the antipodean warmth of Coleman's evocative, soothing melodies contrasts perfectly with Hesselager's otherworldly Nordic cool. 'Soft Machine' is a sonic stunner, ethereal around the edges, hypnotic at its core, that will leave you in a satiated trance.

'Soft Machine' is available now in digital format.

Waiting For The World To Turn, the debut album from Palace Winter, will be released on 3rd June via Tambourhionceros, and is available to pre-order here.