GENTS, the Copenhagen-based project of long-time friends Theis Vesterløkke and Niels Fejrskov Juhl, toured relentlessly in the wake of the 2017 debut LP, About Time. But getting off the road hasn't slow their work ethic one iota. Instead, GENTS is already pushing out more scintillating, spectacular synth-pop jams, including the gorgeous new single 'Emotional Facelift.'

With nothing more aggressive than an 80s-style drum machine that clicks gently in the background, GENTS use an intricate stack of synths to gently guide the listener 'Emotional Facelift' through a haze of feeling. Nothing moves too fast or pulses too loudly. Instead, the music and the accompanying atmosphere wash over you. The lethargic pace complements the song's lyrics, which, according to the band, "deal with apathy and the shocking stress this can cause when you realize that you are completely emotionally callous."

"Everyone gets this feeling every now and then," says the band, "and what you so desperately need in that situation is obviously an emotional facelift.

"We wanted the track to sound as two-dimensional, simple and synthetic as possible, so any flaws and tiny imperfections were smoothed out," they continued. "To us, this creates this weirdly plastic-yet-humane and cute-yet-paranoid pop song. We absolutely love it, and we hope you will too.”

You can stream 'Emotional Facelift' by GENTS up above.