Welcome to the time machine: the year is 2002, and making copies of your CDs and DVDs for personal use (like listening to them in your car without being afraid of damaging the actual original copy) is strictly forbidden.

Yes, we're back here again: since last weekend, it became officially illegal to rip your CDs or DVDs in the UK, a move long in the works since drama escalated in November among music industry players who claimed the "personal use exemption" rule was costing the record industry millions. They asked for a "compensation" of some kind (basically an extra fee for all the possible backups you might want to create). Last month, a high court judge declared the personal copy "potentially harmful" for music rights holders and declared it illegal again (although we're pretty sure nobody is going to pay any attention to it anyway).

Copying your own CDs for back-up (i.e., not for distribution to others) is legal in many countries, with some of them (like Portugal) even allowing torrent file download if it's for personal use only.