Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a bat? How others see the colour red, is it the same red that you're seeing? Is that head-ache your having really that painful?

These are some of the mind-body questions brought up by a philosophy known as qualia, in essence a subjective, metaphysical experience that dictates how we see and experience the world. It's also the latest track by Austin-based Cody Wilson who flies under then name of Corduroi, and if your qualia is similar to ours then you'll find this a wholly pleasant and brilliant piece of work.

The track crams a lot in the three-and-a-half minutes or so and can be broken down into four parts - though it's all about the build to the surprise saacrhine synthy melody two mins 25 secs, that will take you into the big castle in the sky. Musical historians in years to come will surely dub this as 'boner-electronics'; it really nails that celestial, chill-wave-esque vibe. Groove-laden sonic sunshine. Make sure to download the beatific number here whilst loosing yourself in the salvia-induing artwork.

'Qualia' is taken from his third EP Jangala, out April 20 via Hel Audio and Raw Paw Records - with the EP also featuring 'Secret Treehouse' that samples the whispered vocals of musical hero Arthur Russell (from his track 'Tree House') and it's also lovely.