After playing a series of well-received live shows across Australia and releasing her excellent Virtuality EP through Wondercore Island, Melbourne-based producer and remixer CORIN has just unveiled a music video for the title track from her EP. Co-created with local visual artist Tristan Jalleh, the ‘Virtuality’ video folds together visual references that recall Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise, Gaspar Noé’s psychedelic drama Enter The Void and the futuristic cyberpunk Japan depicted in Masamune Shirow’s Ghost In The Shell.

Styled like a first person walkthrough sequence from a late '90s Playstation game, the video begins with a loading screen, before drifting through a series of settings and spaces that blend melting reality with narcotic virtual reality fantasy, all depicted in a classic CGI look. Set against CORIN’s retro-modernist blend of instrumental grime production and 16-bit video game music, it makes for a fitting expansion of the man/machine, utopia/dystopia, and reality/virtual reality dynamics CORIN has been exploring with her Virtuality EP.

As CORIN and Tristan Jalleh put it, “Both intersecting and informing one another, Tristan Jalleh and Corin Ileto have managed to build upon their ever-evolving narrative of despair and adoration for technology. In this visual accompaniment for 'Virtuality,' there is a romanticised feeling throughout that touches on themes of escapism brought about by the second coming of virtual reality technology. ‘Virtuality’ has an overwhelming sense of familiarity with its reconstructed surroundings that allow us to traverse the boundaries of what is humanly possible. And as we move towards embracing a renaissance of virtual reality and its rapidly developing technology, perhaps these increasingly hyperrealistic worlds will open new and exciting ways of how we interact with our own.”

You can stream/purchase CORIN’s Virtuality EP here.