A new streaming service called Electric Jukebox with a difference has entered the fray – that difference being that it's hardware, not software.

This means that it doesn't need a PC, laptop, smartphone – any sort of smart device, just a TV into which you can plug Electric Jukebox: £179 ($229) gets you an HDMI dongle, a remote control (both pictured above), and a year's subscription.

The simplicity is appealing; it picks up Wi-Fi, can be accessed without username or password (no account details) and its catalogue of "millions" of albums are available in the UK and US via the year-long subscription that comes with it. To this end, also, it has just three functions – My Music, Discovery, Search.

The subscription can be renewed for £60 ($60); those who choose not to can still enjoy ad-supported streaming. The dongle also comes in three colours: pink, blue, and black (see below).

In a statement, Electric Jukebox CEO Rob Lewis said:

"Whilst some may be comfortable with Spotify and Apple Music and spending hours configuring these services* on specialist streaming devices, the vast majority of consumers really want something that works instantly."

The basic nature of the new service, coupled with the above statement, means you can assume that it's aimed at those who aren't already using streaming services. In fact, with no smartphone capability, it might be aimed at a different generation entirely (backers include Sheryl Crow and Robbie Williams, for instance) – or maybe anybody who feels like reacting against the current, somewhat convoluted norms of society. In all honesty, it sounds like a very neat idea.

* Honestly who spends "hours configuring" their service?