A while ago everyone was complaining about the demise of live music in the capital, especially with the destruction/closures of many London venues, but thanks to a few pioneering people those fears are vanishing. Counter Culture is the latest project to make us forget about the Olympics and the construction of pointless train-lines. Anyway. Read on for more info from the Counter Culture people. It's not just music, far from it. Counter Culture is a multi-arts project based around a pop-up venue under London Bridge Station. Boasting two rooms with a combined capacity of 700; both with Funktion One sound systems, state of the art lighting design, and two fully staffed bars. Alongside our comprehensive events line-up, we’re also publishing a Counter Culture magazine featuring interviews with the main players and promoters, acts, DJ’s, and creatives involved in the project. Complimenting that is our website documenting each night, as well as featuring interviews, profiles, live reviews and features on people involved in the events programme, as well as those falling under the Counter Culture ethos. Events run nightly under London Bridge Station, from 24th September through to 1st January. We’ve teamed up with the best promoters in the capital to bring you an incredible mixture of clubnights, live shows, comedy, plays, cinema, and art installations; all put together with the enthusiasm and sense of adventure that really defines what Counter Culture is all about. Our entire industry is based on people telling us what we should be wearing / listening to / going to / buying. When asked what we thought of a band we have to use another band reference to justify our opinion. You can't just say something was shit. You have to say why. Somehow our opinions have to be justifiable to the masses. That's what you sign up for when you start something new. You have to be prepared that people will disagree with you and you have the choice to suck it up or fight your corner. So that's what we are doing. 99 straight days of Counter Culture. New stuff, old stuff, fun stuff, important stuff. But what's important to us is it’s been hand picked by a group of individuals who may not all agree on the perfect night out, the perfect play list, or even the best clothes brand. But we all agree we wanted something new, refreshing and independent. We aren’t backed by a huge venture capital company – it’s a three man team with host of supporters. It’s an ever changing space with new promoters, artists and curators taking part. It’s a non exclusive venture to help bring together the best of London's music and arts scene, and we want you to experience it with us. More nights to be announced - current listings available at www.countercultureproject.com