Courier Club is something of a minor contradiction. The Philly-based band plays a form of post-punk that straddles the line between contemporary indie bands like The Strokes or even Tokyo Police Club and the indosyncraties of early 00's Minus The Bear. It's as catchy and danceable as anything any revivalist post-punk bands were releasing at the start of the millennium, and could easily find its way onto alternative radio, yet it's also distinct enough to stand out on its own.

On their new single,'Soapbox Sunday,' which we're premiering today on The 405, the band demonstrates how far they've come in the six months since releasing their previous single, 'Better Now.' Here, they present an even more polished and streamlined sound than before, which thankfully doesn't smooth over any of the nervy energy that the band is bursting with.

The arrangements are simple and playful yet at the same time offer their own subtle complexities within the framework of a straight-ahead pop song. It's that distinction and contradiction that is making a band like this so interesting that is barely three songs into its career which begs the question of what they are capable of as they continue to progress.