Courtney Love went against every fibre of her being last week and hugged Dave Grohl onstage at Nirvana's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. It was a nice moment, but it probably would have been ruined if you could have heard her internal monologue, and to recover she's set about ripping into one of rock's other nicest guys and another of her late husband's fellow inductees; Bruce Springsteen.

She explains how she just doesn't like his music in the newest episode of her Youtube series #COURTNEYon, but think's he's a nice guy. Love actually backs up her hatred this time around, and the reason? She doesn't like saxophones. That Love is the kind of person that can listen to Clarence Clemons' 'Jungleland' solo and feel nothing explains a lot. But Courtney does admit she likes Nebraska (the favourite Bruce Springsteen album of people that don't like Bruce Springsteen), so there must be a tiny glint of humanity somewhere in her heart.

Watch her rant of the Boss below.

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