Courtney Love received a $95,000 dollar reminder of why she might want to keep her thoughts to herself at Nirvana's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction this weekend yesterday, after one of her old libel cases came back to bite her.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge concluded Love's five year case with Dawn Simorangkir on Tuesday, deciding Love would have to pay the five-verging-on-six-figure sum to the fashion designer after making defamatory about her via Twitter several years ago.

The case itself dates back to 2009 and was a milestone, as Love became the first celebrity to ever be sued over their tweets. The pair agreed to an out of court settlement of $450,000 to be paid by the ex-Hole singer in gradual installments. Well it ended up in courts after all, because Love missed one of her payments, and now Love has been ordered to be Simorangkir the remaining $95,714.20.

But the bad news came with good, because her other lawsuit -- the one started by her former attorney Rhonda J. Holmes after Love accused her of taking bribes -- was thrown out on the same day ahead of retrial.

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