God bless the limited edition. If there's one thing to be said in favour of people being unwilling to pay for music any more, it's that artists have to become a lot more imaginative to sell physical product than ever before. And bass player John Eckhardt has nailed it here.

What would you do if you released a record called 'Forests'? Probably stick it on vinyl with a moody picture of some trees on it like some kind of moody teenage black metal outfit?

This great record for four double basses (no, really) comes on a USB stick made out of ACTUAL WOOD, containing 200 photos of forests along with the music. But that's only half the story. It comes packaged in a polystyrol box full of ACTUAL FOREST - bits of moss, lichen, bark, twigs and what's unnervingly described as 'other organic material' from forests (massive spiders? hallucinogenic mushrooms?). Even better than that, the entire box is wall mountable, so you can have you very own bit of Swedish forest in your home to complement your Ikea furniture.

There are only 250 of these going, so if you want your own piece of the Staksund Forest, splash 50 euros over here.