There's been so much love for the Behind the Art features here on The 405 that we've decided to do something a bit more regular on album artwork and packaging. We'll be looking at amazing album covers, beautiful hand-made packaging and the kind of limited-edition special packages that will have you buying them before you've even heard the band.

My Home, Sinking is the work of Venetian ambient musician Enrico Coniglio, a surprisingly-restful meditation on his home city eventually disappearing into the lagoon. The music is startlingly pretty on its own, but the packaging really is something to behold.

The hand-numbered, typed envelope that encases the whole package is just the beginning – inside, the CD is accompanied by a twelve-page photographic booklet, there are five bespoke postcard prints on thick-stock card, all of which is wrapped inside lyric sheets. The look is tied together by really high-quality paper, a clean white colour scheme and simple, old typewriter-style typography.

And the crowning glory? Every copy comes with a REAL ACTUAL piece of pressed lavender to make your record collection smell nice. These Venetians know a thing or two about presentation.