Time for an overdue mention of Waxwork Records, who do one thing and do it brilliantly - give classic horror and sci-fi movie scores a re-release in deluxe vinyl packaging.

Their work on the Rosemary's Baby score had to be spot on: not just one of the most iconic horror movies of all time, but one of the most recognisable and chilling scores too. The first 200 of this release boasted what the label claim was a world-first - vinyl coloured differently on each side.

Side A was blue marble, while side B was deep blood red, all on 200g heavyweight vinyl. Even the records not from that initial batch are on either clear vinyl or black 'with burgundy haze' (pictured). Not only that, but a 12" x 12" art print too. To paraphrase the movie, these records all have their father's eyes: clearly made by fans of the movies, not just for fans, but for anyone who appreciates a good soundtrack. The packaging is deluxe but tasteful, respectful of the style and typography of the original film posters or soundtracks, but updated for 2014.

Coming up next from the label are reissues of cult slasher Chopping Mall and, excitingly, a reissue of the original score of Friday the 13th, which is sure to look (and sound) amazing.