Cowboys And Indians: Two Days in Deadwood
The 405 is very proud to announce that writer, director and author of our Film vs Book series Dylan Spicer has recently completed work on his first documentary. That's pretty damn cool. Read on to see what he has to say about its provenance and then watch the thing! There are hundreds, if not thousands of people across this country that dress up as Cowboys and Indians at weekends. Or Roundheads and Cavaliers. Even American G.I.s. Pretty much any period of history from the last two thousand years will have its supporters, who try and relive the past as accurately as possible. In March of 2009 myself and a crew of about a dozen others went to visit the western 'town' of Deadwood in Sussex. There we discovered a group of people whose devotion to the west goes far beyond just being a hobby. The members not only dress in the clothes of the Old West, but drink at the saloon, guard the jail house, and live in log cabins or tepees. Are these people living in a fantasy world, or is there a more spiritual side to the make believe? Cowboys and Indians: Two Days in Deadwood will reveal all.