Crank 2: High Voltage Director: Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor Release Date: September 14 Review by Paul Metcalf This is a hard movie to review. From the start off I’d say it’s not a very well made movie. It comes off as cheap with some bad acting that really annoys, but the weird thing about it is it’s actually a fun movie. This movie starts off where the original Crank left off, I won’t spoil the ending of the first movie but it does come as a surprise that they could prise a sequel out of the quivering corpse that was left after all the action of the original. If you thought Crank was high speed action, you’ve not seen anything yet. Chev Chellios (Jason Statham) is back and this time instead of being poisoned he’s had his heart removed. His mission is to get it back in his chest before the mechanical heart he’s been implanted with runs out of energy. So yes, basically that’s the plot and one of the movies many weaknesses. Throw in some psychotic gangs and frantic action scenes and you have Crank 2, a thrill ride with a paper thin plot. Statham and his co-star Amy Smart (who stars as Chev’s girlfriend) are what keep the movie together. They have a chemistry that makes any scene they are in fun, particularly in the sex scene between the two. To recharge Chev’s mechanical heart he has to create “friction” and yes, you guessed it - sex creates friction. If you thought the sex scene in Crank was crazy you’ve not seen anything yet, it’s probably one of the craziest scenes of that kind you’ll find in any movie. There is no doubt that Crank 2 is an extreme movie. It has violence, nudity, sex, strong language and it really ups the ante in all respects. Whether it’s the sex scene or the shootout in the strip joint, it’s a movie that’ pull no punches. It’s also pretty obvious that this movie was aiming at the most hardened movie fan. Whether it’s the fan of porn that will be able to name all the porn stars in the “Porn stars on strike scene” (I for one could only point out Ron Jeremy), or the UFC fans who will notice the cameo by Keith Jardine there are plenty of stars hidden in there. For the movie geeks, be on the lookout for Lloyd Kaufman the president and Co-Founder of Troma. It really is ironic that he has a cameo as I’d argue that this movie is very much a Troma production in style and content. One thing I think I really must warn people is Bai Ling. How this woman went from being a good enough actress in movies like The Crow to the mess she is now is a complete mystery. In Crank 2 she has to be one of the most annoying characters ever and I found it hard to not hate her in every scene she’s in. As much as Crank 2 is a poor movie, if you are in the mood for a no-brainer entertaining 92 minutes then that’s what you get here. If you can see past the poor acting and get caught up in the ride then you’ll start to like it, if this is your type of movie of course. It’s a movie that’s not afraid to make fun of itself and watching it you’ll feel like you are watching a computer game on fast forward. There are only a few scenes where you are given a chance to take a breath the rest is a ride to action movie hell. This movie is for people who are not easily shocked, and trust me even if you can take it? You will still be shocked at some scenes but that’s just part of Crank 2’s charm in the end. Flawed but very entertaining. Rating: 6/10