Seems like Scotland is a bit of a hot bed for creative talent as the two winners of the fantastic Creative 30 came straight outta Glasgow! The people’s vote, and the brand new VolvoC30 R-DESIGN, goes to 29-year old milliner, William Chambers. William Chambers gained a first-class honours degree in textile design at the Scottish College of Textiles in 2002 and set up William Chambers Millinery in 2007. William cites birds and cages as his inspiration, and this is evident in the shape, texture and detailing in his work. William has quickly become a sought-after milliner within Scotland and abroad. He was a nominee in the Scottish Fashion Awards 2008 (Accessory Designer of the Year) and recently featured in The List magazine’s Style Issue as one of “the hottest young designers in the country”, alongside Christopher Kane. In September 2008 he designed hats for Glasgow fashion label Olanic for their Spring/Summer collection at London Fashion Week. The Panel Prize of £10,000 is awarded to 27-year old artist, Katie Paterson. Since graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art last year, Katie Paterson has had solo shows at the Matthew Bown Gallery, R O O M, and Modern Art Oxford, and spent a month ‘moongazing’ in Japan. Her recent works include Earth-Moon-Earth, the transmission of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata to the moon and back - resulting in fragmented composition being transmitted on a self-playing grand piano and Vatnajökull (the sound of) - a live phone line to an Icelandic glacier. Both works were first presented at Paterson’s MFA degree show in 2007 and restaged at her acclaimed solo show at Modern Art Oxford this year. Looking through all the entries,  any one of the 30 shortlisted people could have walked away with the prizes, which really is a testament to the competition itself and the creative talent we have in Britain. I look forward to next year!