Crepes is a quintet whose origins lie in the Australian city of Ballarat, but now operate out of the hub of Melbourne – which is much more familiar to those of us dwelling in the northern hemisphere, and allows us to group them with the slew of great musicians to have emerged from the city in recent years. Not that Crepes are a band that will easily be lost in the crowd; for starters their evident humour in naming their songs things like ‘Sexyland’ and deciding to ape an iconic Beatles cover for the front of their debut album Channel Four gives them a certain spark that will catch your eye. Then there are their tunes; delightfully breezy with no shortage of echoes of the classic rock bands they clearly adore, but with a modern sheen and a natural ease in conveying resonant emotions through their melodies and instrumentation.

Today The 405 has the pleasure of bringing you ‘Four Years Time’, a syrupy ode to the transience of early 20s life and the joys and doubts that come with it, delivered with a musical nous and poise beyond their years. Singer Tim Karmouche told The 405 "’Four Years Time’ is about putting doubts to rest and letting the twists and turns of fate occur naturally. It’s a reassurance that things will turn out alright."

Listen to ‘Four Years Time’ below.

’Four Years Time’ is taken from Channel Four, Crepes’ first full-length, coming out on Spunk!/Deaf Ambitions on December 3rd. From it they’ve already previewed the superbly casual summer haze jam ‘Mild Conversation’ and the playfully polychromatic and twanging ‘Sexyland’. You can hear both of those and pre-order Channel Four right here.

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