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Why should you invest?

Lightcase has been created specifically for makers, designers and artists who create great products, but need a way to quickly produce great-looking photos on a limited budget. The product’s creators, Dominic Crinson and Brenna Jensen, both run their own businesses and so created Lightcase to meet a necessity they’d often encountered. Whilst they initially created it with the Etsy crowd in mind, it’s perfect for anyone who sells products online, and would also be a perfect tool for bloggers, or anyone looking to take great product-focused images.

The Lightcase comes flat-packed, meaning you can transport it anywhere, and doesn’t require any lighting to be set-up. The frosted polypropylene diffuses natural light, meaning a reflection-free background and soft shadows. The pop-up studio also makes easy work of photographing objects from above with a smartphone, perfect for photographing prints, patterns or digitising a photo collection.