We're about a month out from the August 9th release of The Other Room, the highly anticipated new album from London's Crushed Beaks. Having already shared 'Honesty Box', the trio are increasing excitement with the release of new track 'Sky Burial', which we have the pleasure of bringing you today.

On the new track, Matt Poile (vocals and guitar) says: "Sky Burial revolves around this looping riff that locks in with this sense of momentum – it's one of our favourites to play live. The lyrics are about fear and feeling out of your depth but being able to adapt to change and give yourself up to trust someone completely. I think it sets the tone for the rest of the album really well, it's a statement of intent that shows how our music has developed – it's got energy but with a darker side to it."

As Matt acknowledges in the above quote, 'Sky Burial' is all about the momentum, which kicks into gear almost instantly with his hooky guitar melody catching your ear, and Tim Watkins' booming drums bounding up behind to push together into the stratosphere. From there Crushed Beaks aerodynamically cruise through clouds with their interlocking musicianship, hurtling around the Earth, heedless of gravity. 'Sky Burial' seems to have absolutely no moments of friction, Poile's tentative vocals just about managing to scrabble to keep up with the liquid smooth post-punk, dreamily singing "Everything’s changed/ And it keeps changing still.” All together, this creates a delightful tension-yet-freedom that serves to make this one of Crushed Beaks' most instantly thrilling songs to date.

'Sky Burial' will reach your preferred streaming platform on Friday, but for now you can watch it exclusively below, with its video.

Crushed Beaks' new album The Other Room is out August 9th on Clue Records.

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