You wouldn’t expect a jangly pop song to start off with someone crooning “Nazi scum surround me” - but you’re not CryFace. ‘Smart Kids’, the title track on the Toledo, Ohio four-piece’s upcoming album, is a riveting bit of social commentary and noodling.

Ian Cotter sings tenderly to his sweetheart as everything is collapsing. With a voice this nice, you might feel at least momentarily placated. When he hits the final line (“Smart kids get the worst of it.”), he’s done attempting to keep up a facade. Speaking on the album, Cotter said, “The themes we brought lyrically are a portrait of our joys and anxieties over the past few months. From disbelief and anger at rising fascism, to the joy of simple moments spent with those close to us.” CryFace end things with an extended instrumental outro that should ring true to anyone who has ever felt like everything is going wrong at once. It’s the end of the world as we know, and CryFace feel all types of ways.

Smart Kids is out August 31 via Big Love Records.