Back in 2006-7 CSS, aka 'Cansei de Ser Sexy, were the embodiment of the en-vogue nu rave craze. As a key element of the scene, CSS were a brand new beacon of energy and effervescence, offering listeners vibrant, exciting and uninhibited music that was fast paced, cute and sexy. Whilst that may seem like a glittering description of the band, the overwhelming shadow over their upbeat grooves is the fact that we're not in 2006 anymore. When you think CSS, you think electro-funk with amazing hooks and mischievous lyrics with sometimes-questionable Portuguese to English translation. However, gone are the days of ironically raving indie kids with neon face paints, glow sticks and a lust for synths.

Eight years since their self-titled debut, the band offer new album Planta, which follows up their 2011 effort La Liberación.

It's possible that CSS gave themselves their own sell-by date by being so niche - they captured imaginations with innocent and cheeky beats and lyrics with their self-titled debut album, and it feels as though they have been trying to fill their own glow-paint stained shoes ever since. For a band that spearheaded a musical movement back in 2006, it would be easy for them to churn out carbon copies of their debut. However, the electro infused Brazilians were clever enough to breakout of their initial sound scope rather than assuming that they could survive the post-nu rave zeitgeist cull by pumping out the same old sound. It seems that after the lacklustre Donkey and La Liberación, and the turbulent exit of only male member Adriano Cintra last year, CSS have now found their new groove in the electro-sphere.

Planta has a decidedly more mellow and sultry vibe with flecks of dubstep and rock steady beats laced with charmingly sweet lyrics that ponder love, break-ups and partying. The electro vibe is still perfectly evident, with plenty of famously diverse synth timbres splattered across the melodies in a familiarly disjointed way. There is a heady and lustful tone to these tunes - may be these girls aren't "tired of being sexy" anymore?

Opening track, 'Honey' is seductive and catchy with simplistic lusty lyrics: "Whenever I close my eyes/your face is printed in my mind" and "I don't like myself/with anybody else… where is my sweetheart/my honey." Lovefoxxx's vocals seem to have matured; there is more clarity in her vocal delivery and she has a darker brooding approach compared with the euphoria and delight found in past hits.

There is a tropical infused carnival vibe through Planta, particularly on track 'Hangover', which uses spacious dubby beats, fuzzed-out guitars, and synths, as well as trumpets that give it a hint of Latino flair.

On Planta, CSS seem to have taken their time to create laidback background electro-pop, rather than banging out hit tracks that provide little more than three minutes of underground dance floor domination. This, along with the shake up to the line-up, might just be what they needed to emerge from the murky depths of nu rave.