You may not recognize the name Cæcilie Trier unless perhaps you're Danish or a big fan of Scandinavian music. Cæcilie has in fact been a prominent figure in Danish alternative music for a number of years, as a member of Choir of Young Believers and Chimes & Bells to name just two, she is finally ready to go completely solo on this new EP Variations, under the pseudonym CTM.

And thank every conceivable deity she did, as Variations marks itself out as one of the most excellently crafted releases in quite a while from not just her native Scandinavia, but also in the grander worldwide music scene. The EP manages to balance a mixture of fun upbeat tracks, with truly grand and emotive musical ideas that manifest themselves majestically across the EP's 5 songs. Opener 'Elsa Palma' carries a thumping and rhythmic bassline combined with Cæcilie's delicate and affecting vocals. It's the kind of music you wish bands like Tennis or Kisses would make without being obscured by the hype machine, simply dreamy and heartfelt.

The EP really shows off everything it has to give with the core two tracks 'Jewel' and 'Variations'. 'Jewel' comes across as a more 1980s pop inspired Beach House song, with an infinitely catchy melody and an almost effortless and cool vocal delivery from Cæcilie as she coos about being "A jewel for your love" in a way that's utterly convincing and heartfelt, yet laidback and honest. The EP's title track 'Variations' meanwhile is a glistening piece of synth-pop balladry that conjures the tantalizing image of a female Twin Shadow like figure, with a danceable beat and cascading strings.

CTM also offers yet more delights with the song 'Space Grid', a sparse and considered track of beauty. It becomes particularly apparent at this point in the EP that Cæcilie is really dedicated to her craft and willing to experiment with multiple instruments and themes, showing a diversity lacking in many bands currently being labeled as 'dream pop'.

For fans of artists like Wild Nothing or Beach House, this EP is an absolute must. Hopefully it won't totally slip under the radar upon its UK release. Cæcilie Trier is an incredibly talented artist, and it is about time she touched the hearts of a wider audience.