Following on from the winsome 'Four Years', Cullen Omori has today announced the release of his new album The Diet via Sub Pop on August 17th. It is his second solo album after the dissolution of his former band Smith Westerns.

Along with the announcement, Omori has shared a new track called 'Happiness Reigns', which is an ode to the positive influence of his girlfriend in his life, and was even co-written with her. He explains further: "Seldom are songs actually about the women in my life, but when I choose to write them I try to act in conspiracy with my ‘muse'... [on] 'Happiness Reigns' I was consciously trying to prevent the song from lyrically falling into this one-way ode to an idolized muse. Of course, some of my favourite artists like T-Rex or John Cale have albums chock full of them but my intention was never to be a rock classicist or to make something that was an extension of my influences. So, I had her write it with me. If I was going to write this about someone, even in vague terms, I thought it would be interesting to intertwine their perception of themselves and of our relationship."

These various glowing reference points have resulted in a classically dreamy summer pop song. Even though the ideas are everyday and human, there are also some more alien images in there ("flowers of uranium/ and the kids just play along"). Check out 'Happiness Reigns' below.