The Swedish metal band Cult of Luna’s long-awaited follow up to Mariner, their 2016 collaboration album with Julie Christmas, is almost here, with a release date of 20th September announced by their label Metal Blade. A Dawn to Fear comes in at a whopping 79 minutes over just 8 tracks, with the band once again placing an emphasis on expansion and elaboration at the centre of their sound.

Lead singer and main songwriter Johannes Persson said that there was some discussion in the CoL camp about the potential need to cut the album’s length and explained that "We sat down and looked at that song list and we couldn't. It would make it easier for us and everyone involved to cut one song, making it no problem when it comes to LPs and CDs, but we just couldn't see the album any other way. These songs are the songs that make sense. If we cut this song or that song, it would screw up the whole dynamic of the record."

To celebrate the announcement of the album the band have released the video for ‘The Silent Man’ which was directed by Persson. Its stunning and macabre visuals are a perfect match for the breadth and scope of the band’s sound which they continue to evolve 21 years after their formation.

Cult of Luna head out on a European tour from August. For the full schedule click here.