Rushing through experimental Brooklyn outfit Cult Of Youth is a sheer test of preciseness. The influence, as evident in the band's previous album Love Will Prevail, jumps sporadically across a map of modernist rock influence. Seriously, Cult Of Youth has actually been penned as "neo-folk, pagan folk, and post-industrial," as if those terms had to made up solely for the group. But listening to the album, it was hard to really pinpoint what it truly was. So, "pagan folk" seemed at least acceptable.

Now, two years after Love Will Prevail's release, Cult Of Youth are set to return with Final Days next month. After debuting 'Empty Faction', Cult Of Youth brought out the LP's second single 'Roses'. And once again, like clockwork, the "issue" (if succinct categorical understanding of a band is truly an issue - it isn't) is its so hard to find anything remotely similar. 'Roses' glitters with polished acoustic movements, shrouded in a gooey gaze of shoegaze, but lead singer/bassist Sean Ragon's whirling snarl drives 'Roses' into an Ian Curtis-like gothic drone. So, pagan folk.

Listen to the gripping, clever single below. Cult Of Youth's Final Days on Sacred Bones November 11th. Pre-orders can be made here.