Cults are back with their first album in four years. The follow-up to 2013's Static is Offering, which will be released on October 6 via Sinderlyn. Listen to their lead single which comes in the form of the project's title-track and find the full tracklist below.

"We had been working on a lot of songs for a long time and when this one came together it felt like a release. We were trying to make a jam about finding hope in what can seem like a hopeless situation. It's hard these days to feel like you're being heard, or like the people who might hear you care enough to look outside themselves and help you," they said.

  • Offering track listing
  • 1. Offering
  • 2. I Took Your Picture
  • 3. With My Eyes Closed
  • 4. Recovery
  • 5. Right Words
  • 6. Good Religion
  • 7. Natural State
  • 8. Nothing Is Written
  • 9. Talk In Circles
  • 10. Clear From Far Away
  • 11. Gilded Lily