Pretty, twinkly, glockenspiel melodies aren't the immediate assumption you'd jump to when looking at new-york based lo-fi duo Cults. Apart from various blog mentions and the inevitable hype due to that, there's very little information available about the band on the internet. Besides the usual (fairly sparse) MySpace page, and equally vague Bandcamp page, the band seem to exist solely on the blogosphere.

'Go Outside' is their first UK release, and it's a combination of thick synths and glockenspiel solos, layered over a female vocal shrouded in reverb. The cutesy, sing-a-long style of the song lends itself to a breezy, summery track (probably their intention, as the song was originally set for a release in March 2010) however the lyrics, for example "You really want to hole up/ You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away" would suggest a different tone to the song. Having listened to a couple of songs from Cults, it's evident that's a theme throughout their music. 'Go Outside' is a strong choice for their debut release, all Cults need now is the necessary media coverage to attract a fan base.