Collaborations run high this week as Lucianblomkamp and John Hassell of Seekae combine as Brutalist, Penthouse Penthouse and Bobby Saint continue to body roll with their new Upload EP and Machinedrum speaks to angels with Melo-X. Australia stays busy with Statue reconstructing Dreems as Null gives Calvin Harris and Rihanna an emotional remix. Dada Cantona releases his debut EP Kunst and Jim-E Stack cuts fan videos together to create a visual accompaniment to his track 'Deadstream'. Blood Orange serenades us with the video for 'Augustine' (and the let's be real, the entirety of his latest album 'Freetown Sound') but it's the surprise second coming of Crystal Castles and Justice that have us hopelessly smitten.

Listen to the tracks below:

Brutalist - 'Strep'

Penthouse Penthouse ft. Bobby Saint - 'Upload'

Machinedrum ft. Melo-X - 'Angel Speak'

Dreems - 'Heating up the Voyetra' (Statue Reconstruction)

Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna - This is what you came for (Null Remix)

Dada Cantona - 'Be with You'

Jim-E Stack - 'Deadstream'

Blood Orange - 'Augustine'

Crystal Castles - 'Char'

Justice - 'Safe and Sound'

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