I’ve been obsessed with the Awful Records roster so of course I’m high key here for it when their label head Father drops a new track. The art direction in his ‘Heartthrob’ video makes me weak, particularly thanks to a frame featuring a rose trapped in a mound of jelly. Kodie Shane accepts her crown as the first lady of ‘The Sailing Team’ with her Zero Gravity EP, working the lead single ‘Sad’ featuring Lil Yachty who (along with Coach K) appears to be very invested in putting their whole team on. Only qualm here is that neither Kodie Shane or Lil Yachty (Lil Boat!) look sad once in the clip and tbh I’m not entirely sure that either of them are capable of being anything but vibes. Not mad at it.

On the topic of Lil Yachty, after hearing him hop on a verse for ‘Nada’ by Leaf I’ve been captivated by her. Aside from her being painfully good looking and supremely styled, she has a natural charisma and sass about her that can best be likened to Princess Nokia. ‘Cake’ has taken a couple of weeks to grow on me but I really do think she has some spark and I’m keen to hear more from her next year. Promnite enlists a serious squad for ‘Gunsmoke’ the first track from his forthcoming Fool’s Gold project and RJ Cherry offers up another of his bootleg mash ups this time with the genius name ‘JME Hendrix’.

Locally I’m giving daps to Commandeur for teaming up with Yeo, Martin King for proclaiming his love for ‘Pepsi’ (but like, Coca-Cola for life) and Nicole Millar who deserves serious applause for her pop star transformation this year. Her debut EP Communication is super cute as is her wardrobe - hit me with your stylists details Nicole, these looks you’ve been serving are fire. Young Franco comes through with ‘Miss You’ featuring an anonymous vocalist that can only be Maribelle and after finally seeing them live at Paradise Music Festival, Pearls finally won my affections causing repeat listens of their track ‘Superstar’.

Listen to the tracks below:

Father - ‘Heartthrob’

Kodie Shane ft. Lil Yachty - ‘Sad’

Leaf - ‘Plate’

Promnite ft. Denzel Curry, Nell, J.K The Reaper & Twelve'len - ‘Gunsmoke’

RJ Cherry - ‘JME Hendrix’ (JME x Hendrix bootleg)

Commandeur ft. Yeo - ‘Speak your mind’

Martin King - ‘Pepsi’

Nicole Millar - Communication

Young Franco - ‘Miss You’

Pearls - ‘Superstar’

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