For unbeknownst reasons I have been triggered with a burst of a patriotism this week - ninety percent of my affections have been allocated in favour of Australian artists.

Beginning in my hometown of Melbourne, we have another hot remix by Kyle who has flipped Calvin Harris and Rihanna which has consequently made me want to pump my fist aggressively into the abyss. Despite being a few weeks since release, Lonelyspeck has remained on rotation for me thanks to TEEF records, as has Christopher Port with ‘My Love’ and Yeo with ‘Frost’. The extremely likeable Saatsuma further solidify their crush factor with a live offering of their track ‘Storm’, Valve Sounds welcome a new signing in Vilette with her debut release ‘Beige’ and BV have honestly made me painfully happy by releasing their mixtape B2V. I say painfully because I am truly in pain trying to listen to this whilst ugly crying. BV are one of the most important acts in Australia and should probably be heaps more famous than they are, do not even try to trip. Mall Grab remixing Kllo is something I am strongly here for and within a series of multiple Seekae remixes, it was Corin’s work on ‘Turbine Blue’ that really reeled me in.

All things patriotic aside, I fell in love this week. And yet again it was with a Scandinavian boy band. Communions have won me over with the combination of their catchy af track ‘Come on, I’m waiting’ and their generally impeccable presentation. I would like to let the record state that a good haircut goes a long way in my books.

Listen to the tracks below:

Calvin Harris ft. RIhanna - ‘This is what you came for’ (Kyle remix)

Lonelyspeck - ‘All My Skin On The Air’

Christopher Port - ‘My Love’

Yeo - ‘Frost’

Saatsuma - ‘Storm’

Vilette - Beige

BV - B2V

Kllo - ‘Walls to build’ (Mall Grab Remix)

Seekae - 'Turbine Blue' (Corin Remix)

Communion - ‘Come On, I’m waiting’

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