Label: None Release date: 13/10/08 Link: I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for great pop music. Not Britney Spears style bubblegum pop but intelligent and out and out fun pop music, which this young Belfast trio do. And might I say, damn well. Opener ‘Lovers Are Lunatics’ is a synth pop beauty but track two ‘Weapons Of Choice’,  is when this EP for me head’s into a land I call perfection. It’s just remarkable and that’s not a word I often throw out there. I think the thing that jumped out at me the most about this band is just how similar they are to another one of my favourite bands of this year, Johnny Foreigner. Not only do they share the same boy/girl vocal thing but also their energetic feel. This isn’t to say that they’re just some poor mans version because that would be really unfair and also completely unwarranted. At the end of the day they’ve done their job and that’s to write great songs. So who cares who they sound like? I know I don’t. Rating: 4/5