After three years in the dark, dreamy Japanese pop-singer-songwriter Cuushe is to return with a delightful set of new tracks.

An EP titled Girl / You Know That I am Here / But The Dream contains three songs from Cuushe, one of which is 'I Dreamt about Silence' that you can listen to below. The near-six minute beauty is full of ethereal synths coated in a delicious chill-wave construct; imagine I Break Horses at their most delicate, spooning a sensuous sense of ennui. It's a gorgeous and smooth masterfully-produced affair, whilst containing a crackling warmth and rawness - literally crackling in places.

The track is kind of a tabula rasa for any budding music journalist to craft their finest dream-based word-smithery to.

No fewer than eight remixes feature on the EP. Yes, an EP of 11 songs for those counting - including versions from Teen Daze, Blackbird Blackbird, Julia Holter and Motion Sickness of Time Travel (who also produced a collage for Cuushe's album artwork).

Girl / You Know That I am Here / But The Dream is out July 16th via Flau