Leading up to the release of the band's third studio LP LOSE, New York outfit Cymbals Eat Guitars have debuted the now third single from the album, 'Warning'.

Tempering between curious art rock and burgeoning arena-friendly anthems, Cymbals Eat Guitars are perfectly wedging a launching pad to emerge as one of the premier bands of 2014. 'Warning' - much like the rest of the album heard so far - brims with the patented emotional trembling of frontman and band co-founder Joseph D'Agostino but feels so full of life and righteous visions. That, coupled with the previously released 'Jackson' and 'Chambers', are giving LOSE enough hype to flirt with Album Of The Year material.

Listen to 'Warning' below and look out for LOSE, coming out August 25th on Tough Love Records in Europe and the 26th in the U.S. on Barsuk. Pre-order a copy today.