Cypress Hill are set to release a new record in the Spring of 2014. It'll be the trio's first album since 2004's Til Death Do Us Part, and they're currently working on it at the Soul Assassins Studio in Los Angeles.

B-Real said in a statement that "We're in the beginning stages but moving along smoothly. The sound is anti-everything that's popular and is in a world of its own. The lyrics delivered with the vocal tenacity of a stoned gypsy roaming across the country through the mist. The date of the release is encrypted on the Cypress Hill website."

Sen-Dog added to that, saying the following about working with DJ Muggs again as a producer, "working on the new album with Muggs and B and listening to Muggs' production for the first time in a long while is definitely motivating and reconnecting me to our Cypress roots. This reminds me of what a great hip-hop producer Muggs is and how unique the Cypress chemistry and sound is. I expect big things from this album, and I'm excited for what we have coming in the near future."