There's something inarguably beautiful about the Internet's ability to snowball music worth hearing. In 2012, an art history student in Vancouver remixed Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' in his bedroom, stuck it up on Soundcloud and inadvertently found fame overnight.

While the rest of us were at house parties drunkenly fumbling to find the track on YouTube, its producer Cyril Hahn got busy remixing Solange, Jessie Ware and Haim to bring us more of that sexy (sorry, but it's true) lo-fi sound that he does so well.

After a heavy international festival circuit this Summer, Hahn took the time out to share the keys to a good remix, and tell us about his forthcoming double a-side Perfect Form (ft. Shy Girls)/ Raw Cut, out October 7th.

How did you get into producing?

I always played instruments as a hobby - guitar, banjo even - and had already recorded some of my own stuff in high school but that was just for fun. After taking a break for music I gave it a shot again last year and that's how the remixes came about.

How do you choose which tracks to remix?

I usually look for vocal melodies that stand out to me. The lyrics are secondary for a remix usually. If the lyrics are horrible, as they are in my first ever remix - Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body' - for example, it adds a nice sense of irony to the remix. When I work on originals I am definitely looking for more profound lyrics though.

Why do you distort vocals in the way that you do when you remix, and specifically, to masculinize them?

I've done less distorting in the last couple of months but when I started out I listened to a lot of chopped and screwed rap/R&B which definitely influenced how I treated a cappellas at the time. There's just something really interesting happening when you pitch down a female a cappella - it becomes a bit haunting and eerie which I like.

Your remixes have all been absolutely huge, now you're signed to PMR and producing your own music. Do you feel that you need to distinguish yourself or do you think that the success of those remixes stands your new material in good stead?

The official remix I did for Jessie Ware is sort of how my relationship with PMR Records started, but I don't really differentiate between originals and remixes too much. I put the same amount of work into both and I try to have a unique sound in both originals and remixes.

How would you describe the direction you took on your double-side?

'Raw Cut' is more of a lo-fi synthi track that was an instrumental at first and I just wanted to add some little chops at the end. With 'Perfect Form' I started with the a cappella that Shy Girls sent over and then built the song around the vocals.

You're in Vancouver, Shy Girls are Oregon based; how did the collaboration come about?

I instantly fell in love with his music after hearing 'Under Attack' on Soundcloud. We reached out to him and a few days after we were already throwing ideas back and forth. It was definitely a super smooth and fun collaboration and I'd love to work with Dan (Vidmar) again.

You're playing Bestival. Did Rob da Bank ask you? I hear that he's a fan. What's in store for your set?

Yeah we've been in contact after I did a mix for Rob's show on BBC. I usually like to start my sets pretty slow and mellow and then build the energy level gradually. I definitely love visuals and I think they're especially useful for DJs/producers who stand on the stage by themselves. My friend Denis Ogrinc does my visuals and they're amazing, I can't wait for the people to see them at Bestival.

What other music are you into at the moment? Who have you seen live lately that impressed?

My favourites lately are Ta-Ku, Andre Bratten, Jessy Lanza...I haven't been to a lot of shows since I started playing shows myself to be honest. I prefer to do more quiet stuff in my free time. After one of my shows in Dublin I caught a B2B set by Four Tet and Daphni though, that was definitely amazing.

What's next?

I'm super excited for the 'Perfect Form' single to be released in October. After that we'll probably do an EP. In September I'm back in Europe for two weeks for a couple of shows and right after that my North American tour will start. That one will go until early November and then I'm back in Europe for the Annie Mac Tour - definitely lots of shows to look forward to!

Cyril Hahn feat Shy Girls 'Perfect Form / Raw Cut' is out 7th Oct on PMR.